Quality Control and Terms

High quality screening libraries delivered in standard or custom formats

Quality Control

ChemBridge knows that high sample quality is of critical importance to our clients. All compounds offered by ChemBridge are tested by LC-MS and/or NMR to confirm sample identity and purity. Interpretation of spectra and final approval of each compound are executed by a dedicated group of Ph.D. analytical chemists, and only compounds having confirmed identity and meeting minimum purity requirements are retained. Electronic copies of NMR or LC-MS data are available upon request.

Compounds conform to the following minimum purity guarantees based on the method(s) specified:

  • EXPRESS-Pick™ Collection: Minimum purity of 90% and identity confirmed using 1H-NMR and/or LC-MS/ELSD.
  • DIVERSet™-EXP, MicroFormat, CNS-Set, KINASet, IONSet and Fragment Libraries: Composed of EXPRESS-Pick™ Collection compounds meeting the minimum purity guarantee above.
  • CORE Library: Minimum purity of 85% and identity confirmed using LC-MS/ELSD.
  • DIVERSet™-CL, CombiSet, CNS-MPO, Spirocycle, KINACore, IONCore, NHRCore, and GPCR Libraries: Composed of CORE Library compounds meeting the minimum purity guarantee above.
  • Macrocycle Library: Minimum purity of 85% and identity confirmed using LC-MS/ELSD.

Legal Terms

ChemBridge Corporation provides compound samples on a non-exclusive basis and retains no proprietary rights on compounds purchased by the client. The client will own purchased compound samples and will be free to use them, as well as any idea, invention, improvement, or discovery related to these compounds made by the client in any manner without royalties or any further obligations to ChemBridge Corporation. The client shall indemnify and hold harmless ChemBridge Corporation against any claim resulting from the client's use of compound samples. ChemBridge Corporation makes no representation or warranty to the clients, expressed or implied, in regards to the purchased compound samples, including without limitation any warranty of non-infringement, safety, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Standard and Custom Formatting

ChemBridge offers a range of vial, minitube rack, and monoblock plate options and can also format libraries using client-specific materials, such as a client’s custom vials, plates, and labels/barcodes. ChemBridge can deliver samples neat/dry or as solutions. Formatting as multiple sets is available, including dry/solution combination sets, multi-plate sets, and vial/plate sets. Please contact ChemBridge for information on any costs associated with custom options.

Zebra bar-coding technology is integrated with ChemBridge proprietary sample tracking technology, developed by the ChemBridge cheminformatics department, to assure virtual elimination of human errors at every step of compound handling and packaging.

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Electronic Documentation

Standard registration data is provided with all library shipments and includes:

  • MDL .sdf (structure-data file/SDfile) containing each chemical structure along with the following fields: unique ChemBridge ID number, plate or box ID value, column location, row location, coordinates (column and row locations combined), MW value, amount of compound and additional descriptors
  • ISIS/Base .db (database) file containing chemical structure data and the same non-structural fields as the SDfile
  • Microsoft Excel .xls (spreadsheet) file that includes all non-structural fields of the SDfile
  • Text .lst file providing a list of all ChemBridge ID's in the shipment

Client customization of SDfile or ISIS.db fields can also be accommodated. NMR and/or LC-MS spectra/quality control data are included in .tiff format.

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