Hit Re-supply and Follow-up

Rapid hit re-supply and access to analogs for initial SAR studies

ChemBridge prides itself on the great success that our clients have experienced in screening our small molecule compound libraries. We understand that our clients want to identify quality hits for their drug discovery and chemical biology programs and have rapid access to hit re-supply and analogs for hit follow-up and initial SAR work. ChemBridge’s hit re-supply and follow-up service is one of the most reliable in the industry for availability, quality, and speed of delivery. Compounds can be searched by ID or structure and ordered through our Hit2Lead.com online chemical store, which provides access to our San Diego, CA, Rush stock. Clients can also contact our Customer Support group based in San Diego for direct assistance. Hit re-supply and follow-up compounds are available in mg amounts. In the event that gram amounts are needed, custom synthesis can be performed for an already supplied compound.

Key Facts

  • Instant availability online of stock compounds for follow-up studies (with “rush” overnight delivery from San Diego Stock) via our e-commerce portal www.Hit2Lead.com
  • Responsive and personalized customer service and technical support from our San Diego Headquarters: support@chembridge.com
  • Electronic files of QC spectra available upon request.
  • There is no minimum order requirements, and samples are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

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