Chemistry Services

High-end, research-intensive custom library and synthetic chemistry services

ChemBridge has more than two decades of experience synthesizing exclusive and non-exclusive parallel-synthesized libraries. Compounds are synthesized to your specifications and analytical requirements. ChemBridge offers fee-for-service and FTE based collaborations.

ChemBridge is engaged in the research, development, and production of chemical libraries and can produce on a non-exclusive, semi-exclusive or exclusive basis for partners. These chemical libraries leverage the advanced, chemistry-focused, proprietary technology platform that was developed by ChemBridge for the generation of novel commercial libraries based on ChemBridge proprietary scaffolds. This platform matches the most challenging quality standards of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and enables us to deliver custom chemical libraries within our partners’ demanding timelines.

Our advanced and flexible chemistry-focused proprietary technology platform enables us to utilize effectively our synthetic, medicinal, and computational chemistry resources to successfully design and produce a wide range of diverse, targeted, focused chemical libraries or follow-up and hit-to-lead chemical libraries. We are able to generate chemical libraries to all our partners’ varied requirements of scale, purity, and formats.

ChemBridge has established itself a premier provider of custom library services, having signed major multi-year agreements to develop and supply exclusive custom libraries to Pfizer, Inc., Merck & Co., Inc., AstraZeneca and others. Our successful track record provides further proof of the value of our technology and capabilities.

Example Projects

  • Synthesis of libraries based on ChemBridge CORE-NEXT or other proprietary scaffolds
  • Synthesis of libraries based on client-designed scaffolds.
  • Custom Hit to Lead libraries.
  • Re-synthesis of compounds acquired from ChemBridge’s stock.


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