Quality Control

100% Quality Guarantee Policy on all Building Block products:

ChemBridge welcomes the independent testing of all chemical compounds supplied to our clients and abides by its own stringent internal standards to ensure that our clients receive only the best in quality products.

Quality Control Standards:

100% of products within our Building Block Collection have been subjected to NMR and LC-MS (ELSD Detector) quality control to confirm identity and minimum purity of 95%.

Quality Control Methods

Spectra interpretation and final approval of each compound are executed by a dedicated group of Ph.D. analytical chemists, and only compounds having confirmed identity and meeting minimum purity requirements are retained. Electronic copies of original NMR or LC-MS spectra for all compounds shipped are available upon request.

Quality Control Tools

300/400MHz NMR, Agilent LC-MS with ELSD and UV detectors and Elemental Analysis.

Other important elements and procedures of ChemBridge's Quality Assurance System.

In addition to analytical QC, ChemBridge's Quality Assurance System includes a state-of-the-art, proprietary sample tracking technology capable of assuring mistake-proof formatting of hundreds of thousands of compounds for internal stock and order processing.

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