PremiumSet Diverse Screening Library

Structurally diverse screening library of compounds with high scoring chemical features


The PremiumSet Library offers 50,000 compounds that have been selected to provide 2D diversity and compounds offering the most attractive features found in druglike and leadlike compounds. The PremiumSet Library samples diverse chemical structures from both of ChemBridge’s® non-overlapping stocks: The CORE Library stock and the EXPRESS-Pick™ Collection stock. From a starting set of more than one million, in-stock compounds, ChemBridge selects structurally diverse, highly desirable druglike/leadlike structures to create the PremiumSet Library. This 50,000-compound library is composed of approximately half CORE Library stock compounds and half EXPRESS-Pick Collection stock compounds.

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ChemBridge PremiumSet Library Development Process

PremiumSet Selection

Compounds represented in the PremiumSet Library are carefully selected to offer a structurally diverse set that offers highly attractive chemical features. An initial pass of druglike and leadlike physiochemical property and structural filters is used to select a starting pool of compounds from our CORE Library stock and our EXPRESS-Pick Collection stock. ChemBridge then applies our proprietary SCORE analysis to select the most highly attractive compounds from the two starting sets. Based on almost two decades of experience providing commercial screening libraries and the production of hundreds of exclusive libraries for major clients, ChemBridge has developed our proprietary SCORE program to identify compounds with features considered to be highly attractive by researchers working in small molecule drug discovery. A 2D diversity analysis is used to ensure that the final set offers compounds with high quality features and delivers structural diversity.


  • Economically priced, pre-plated sets of 10,000 to 50,000 compounds. 96-well and 384-well formats available as DMSO solutions or dry film in a wide range of umol and mg quantities.
  • For libraries larger than 50,000 compounds, clients can custom-select from ChemBridge’s stock of more than 1 million compounds or can combine the PremiumSet Library with other ChemBridge diversity libraries or with our targeted/directed sets.
  • Compounds represented in the PremiumSet Library can also be individually selected from our main stocks. Please inquire on minimum mass per compound for custom selections.

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