2017 Summer Sale

Covers Select Screening Compounds and Screening Libraries through September 5, 2017

See below for a summary of screening libraries and screening compounds covered under the sale. For more details and specific discount levels, please contact your sales representative, email sales@chembridge.com, or use the Request Product Info button to request details.

Save on the Following Pre-Plated Diversity Libraries

  • DIVERSet-EXP Diversity Library
  • DIVERSet-CL Diversity Library
  • PremiumSet Diversity Library
  • CombiSet Library
  • MicroFormat Library

Save on Custom Selections from the EXPRESS-Pick Stock

  • Select from more than 480,000 druglike compounds
  • Available in mg or umol equivalent amounts
  • Delivery as dry samples or as solutions in 96-well or 384-well format
  • Minimum order size of 500 compounds

Save on the Following Targeted Library Compounds

  • KINASet Library
  • IONSet Library
  • CNS-Set Library
  • Minimum order size of 500 compounds

Please note that the following products are not covered under the 2017 Summer Sale: Macrocycle Library, Fragment Library, CORE Library Stock, KINACore Library, IONCore Library, NHRCore Library, and GPCR Library.

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